Fasten Your Seatbelts For Instagram Automation

Instagram Automation is here 🔥⁠

Conversationalists, chatbot marketers, advertisers, and marketers around the world have been waiting for this moment. ⁠

Do you want to know what the best thing is?⁠

Few will actually take advantage of this right away. ⁠

This gives You a great opportunity!⁠

Like with all technology together with marketing; the faster you can be to adapt to something new the greater advantage you will get. ⁠

The feature will now work for accounts that have at least 1K followers, so I can’t show you myself how to do it… but if you want to see how it works go to @manychat and send a message and experience yourself.⁠

Only your imagination can set the limits for what is possible with this new tech! ⁠

It will work similar to a chatbot in Messenger, but the chat will simply take place on Instagram DM. ⁠

If you need help with setting this up for your brand – send me a message and let’s have a chat! ⁠

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