End The Conversation In Chatbots

You know how it feels when you chat with your friends, and you are not sure if the conversation has ended or not?⁠

Don’t let this happen to your brand! ⁠

You want your brand to stand firm and be clear. No guesswork. Tell the user when the conversation has ended. ⁠

You can of course invite the user to discover more, but make it clear that the core message has been delivered and they are now “free to go”.⁠

Remember to do it in a gentle way, it can be something such as “I’ll catch you later” or “Ping me if you need anything”.⁠

How you end a conversation between humans can affect how you feel when you leave the other person.⁠

Understand that this principle applies to your brand will help you succeed with conversational marketing.⁠

Are you ending conversations in your chatbots clearly?

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