Website for Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat

The Business

Dadirria is a spiritual centre for the mind, body, heart & soul, offering life-changing Ayahuasca retreats in Spain combined with a unique integration program. Their mission is to facilitate deep healing, personal growth & spiritual awakening


The Ayahuasca centre needed a website with a booking system to sell their retreats online. 


Create a highly converting and efficient website with a booking system that would generate a lot of new customers.


Hannes and the team built the website in WordPress using the Elementor website builder. It was created with deep thoughts about the customer journey and what the customer needed to see and know to feel ready to make a booking. Hannes made the strategy of the website, wrote all website content and copywriting, and inserted relevant images. A booking system was also configured using Woocommerce that allowed the customers to make their booking online. The website was fully responsive and also included messenger chatbot for easy interaction between visitors and the brand.

The Results

The website was highly optimized and achieved a 99% in the GT Metrix speed test. It was well designed for retreats and made it easy for customers to navigate through the page and find relevant information, but also connect with the brand with ease. Customers could easily make bookings, and it was synchronized with different parts such as booking system, chat function, email, and more. 

Do you want results like this?