Fasten Your Seatbelts For Instagram Automation


Previous Next Instagram Automation is here 🔥⁠⁠Conversationalists, chatbot marketers, advertisers, and marketers around the world have been waiting for this moment. ⁠⁠Do you want to know what the best thing is?⁠⁠Few will actually take advantage of this right away. ⁠⁠This gives You a great opportunity!⁠⁠Like with all technology together with marketing; the faster you can […]

End The Conversation In Chatbots


Previous Next You know how it feels when you chat with your friends, and you are not sure if the conversation has ended or not?⁠⁠Don’t let this happen to your brand! ⁠⁠You want your brand to stand firm and be clear. No guesswork. Tell the user when the conversation has ended. ⁠⁠You can of course […]

Hook The User In Your Chatbot


Previous Next Your prospect will leave the chat if you don’t hook them up. 🔥⁠Create a strong hook – this is one of the most important parts of your Chatbot funnel.⁠⁠A hook is more than nice words only, but a promise of something.⁠⁠It’s the essence and core of the message you share in your marketing […]

3 Bullet Proof Chatbot Strategies


Previous Next Are you thinking about implement chatbot to your marketing strategy? Here are 3 great ways to get started 🚀 These strategies will produce great results for your business and give you an edge to your competition when you get started. 📱 DM me If you want to know more about each strategy and […]

How To Use Chatbots In Marketing

Chatbot-Marketing-Conversational-Messenger-Hannes-Media (1)

Previous Next Imagine that you are making dinner form a recepie, but instead of reading the instructions you have the chef next to you… This is how a chatbot can work! It can add real time engagement to your customers. There are different dishes to add a chatbot to, above are a few examples. Each […]

The #1 Focus When Creating A Chatbot


Previous Next Make your chatbot easy is the 🔑 if you want successful results in your marketing campaign. Set the direction on where you want to take your customers and take them there quickly! This will help you get higher conversion rates compared to other channels and create a fun and unique experience for the user […]