Quiz & Segmentation Funnel for Ayahuasca Retreat

In a modernist building from 1913, Avalon.love holds a sacred space where you can experience the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca. This is the story of how we helped Avalon.love get a fully booked retreat. 

The Business

Avalon.love is a 5-star Barcelona based transformational retreat with Ayahuasca ceremonies and a holistic integration program.


The Ayahuasca retreat needed more bookings for their upcoming events and wanted to maximize the Returns from the investments.


To have an efficient way of building awareness, nurture prospects, and make them ready to book an Ayahuasca retreat which is a life-changing experience. 


We used conversational marketing via Facebook Messenger to in a highly personalized and efficient way to introduce the prospect to the brand and convert them into a phone call that would, later on, lead to a sale. It was a fully automated process customized for each person.


Inside Messenger we could automate customer support and answer questions automatically to save time & money.


In a fun and unique way, we designed a messenger chatbot to generate qualified and segmented leads on autopilot.


By setting up automations, we could automate and make the customer journey 100% personal based on each user.


When the time is right, the lead is nurtured, and ready to make a decision, we were there for them.


We achieved a fully booked retreat within one months time using this conversational marketing approach. We went from 12 participants to 30 with an investment in ads less than €1,400 (Cost per retreat €1,500 for full experience). ROAS 19.2


Revenue: €26,880

Profit: €25,499

ROAS: 19.2

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