Quiz Funnel for Vegan Leather handbag E-Commerce Store

The Business

E-Commerce store with the dropshipping selling vegan leather made handbags via their Shopify store.


The dropshipping store wanted higher conversion and increase ROAS from their advertising campaigns.


Voguelore needed help to generate brand awareness at the lowest cost possible. They are a new brand with zero recognition and needed to position themselves for potential customers at the lowest cost possible.


Using an innovative approach to achieve its goals would be the right way to approach the campaign and maximize the result. with this in mind, we built a Facebook Messenger Chatbot that would work as an automated sales/marketing assistant for Voguelore and communicate with its customers in a natural and fun way. 

The chatbot would do the following:

  • Generate qualified leads to a low cost.
  • Engage the user with a Quiz
  • Get more followers on Instagram
  • Give personalized recommendations and make sales
This is the quiz that the user was playing with in the chatbot. Screenshot from Manychat.
Secondary quiz that had a different angle and was used as a split-test.
Facebook ad results.
Screenshot from Manychat and the results.

The Results

We buit a highly engaging and popular chatbot that was all about providing value and at the same time engage the user. We used permission based marketing tactics to always ask the user for permission ad make the experience as pleasant as possible. Besides engaging the user and build the brand, we achieved to get more followers on Instagram via the chatbot as well.

We generated leads for as low as $0.67 and had an 80% conversion rate of people who inserted their email when entering the chat. On top of that, we had an automated sequence of 6 follow up messages that were being sent via Messenger at no extra cost.

Cost per lead: $0.67
Average Open-rate: 89%
Average Click-through rate: 33%
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