Quiz Chatbot for Relationship Coach in Messenger Chatbot

The Brand

Expat relationships specialist helping expats better their relationships to live a happier and more fulfilled life.


This coach needed clients for his coaching business. He wanted to streamline the process and get qualified leads to show up for his discovery calls. 


The coach had no presence online at all and needed an efficient way to quickly build trust with a cold audience and get them to schedule a call with him to get help with their relationships. 


Hannes built a chatbot funnel that would attract interest, nurture the prospects, and later on convert them to book a call with the coach where he would offer his services. 

The chatbot was created in Facebook Messenger and later on the website chatbot platform Tars. This way the coaches funnel was bulletproof and could be used on bot Facebook platform and on a channel/platform he had full control over himself. 

The funnel worked in the following way:

  1. We started with a quiz that would help us generate leads in a low-cost way with Facebook and Instagram ads. The quiz asked a few questions that would help the user understand what areas of the relationship needed to be worked on. 
  2. After the user had taken the quiz a calculation was being made in the chatbot based on the answers, that automatically figured out how to help the user in the best way. The coach had pre-recorded multiple videos that would suit different needs, that were being sent to the user. 
  3. After the video, the user had the option to either see more videos or book their free consultation call right away. 
  4. We generated email leads, Messenger subscribers, Phone numbers, Facebook Group users and Instagram followers in this highly efficient funnel that ended with users scheduling a call with the coach. The flow was connected with Kajabi, Calendly, and Facebook Business Manager. 
Introduction flow to "hook" the user for the quiz and prepare them for what is coming next.
Quiz flow that is both relevant for the users needs, but also fun and engaging.
Reminder flow that would remind the user to complete the quiz and send them to the exact section where they left off.
Calculation flow where we calcultate the results and give them a customize response based on their unique needs.
Flow that invites the user to schedule a call and get personalized help.
A screenshot of the chatbot version in web.
Screenshot from the advertising results.

The Results

The chatbot was fully automated and allowed the coach to streamline the lead generation process, but also nurture and engage the leads before they booked a call with ease. It saved the coach a lot of time handmade his focus on what he does best, coach and help people! 

The first 100 users gave us a 100% completion rate on the quiz, and later on we got a 95% completion rate in total. Using a quiz together with Facebook ads is extremely powerful, and we managed to get Messenger leads for as low as $0.4 USD.

Do you want results like this?