Pinterest Management for Ayahuasca Retreat

The Business

A 5-star alternative holistic health retreat center based in Barcelona. It offers a wide range of services, but its core focus is Ayahuasca ceremonies.


The Ayahuasca centre needed more clients for their retreats.


As with most spiritual centers and retreats, acquiring customers is one of the hardest parts to make the business run successfully. They wanted to include Pinterest in their marketing mix to expand their reach and drive traffic to their website.


Hannes and the team managed their Pinterest account with great success. A strategy was created, content produced and published, and smart grow hacking methods applied for fast growth. In just a few weeks time we were able to reach over 60K with our content. This was much due to engaging post that was unique and customized for the audience. We used a mix of images, quotes, and also created short videos that got thousands of views.

The Results

We posted 3-5 Pins per day and enjoyed fast growth and over 60,000 views in 1.5 months only which drove a lot of traffic to the website.

Do you want results like this?