Omnichannel Marketing for Podcast Start-up Interviewing 8-Figure Entrepreneurs

The Business

Beyond 8 Figures is a business podcast interviewing 8-figure earners on how to create success and leave a legacy.


The podcast was recently bought and had a new owner and wanted to create an online presence with its new branding and concept.


To build an audience of relevant people (6-7 figure entrepreneurs who want to reach 8 figures) using the most efficient channels possible and integrate the channels in a seamless way to work together. The podcast wanted to get more Facebook page likes, Get more Instagram followers, get more email subscribers, get more podcast subscribers and listeners, increase brand awareness. 


We used Facebook ads together with Google ads, using multiple conversion events and objectives. Via Facebook, we generated page likes and Instagram followers. We also sent people to the podcast platforms to improve the number of listeners and subscribers.  We also generated leads to its email list via Facebook Ads. Via Google, we mainly generated podcast listeners and subscribers.


A key aspect of our success was how we focused on the audience very carefully and made sure to repeatedly show the brand/podcast to people who had already interacted with the brand. People who watched a few seconds of a video ad, people who engaged on our pages, or clicked on any links; we always made sure to retargeting them to nurture our audience. We build a clear roadmap and took our audience step by step throughout the funnel. What we also did was integrate PixelMe into our campaigns that allowed us to improve the tracking over multiple channels and create a synchronisation between Google and Facebook ads.


We managed to grow multiple aspects of the podcast presence online by increasing their leads to the email list, Facebook likes, Instagram Followers, Podcast listeners and subscribers. The podcast also got a clear overview of the cost throughout multiple channels and started to build up an audience. This helped the business owner get a clear understanding of where to focus its effort next and take the podcast to the next level with further investments.,

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