Messenger Chatbot Case Study

This is the story of how we helped the nightclub Erb & culture with conversational marketing.

Nightclub in CA

ERB & Culture is a nightclub located in Waterloo, Canada.


Erb and Culture needed a way to automate the list sign up process for the guest list.

They wanted a fully automated process were the guest already had anserwed all questions before the first human contact was initiated.

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Hannes Jacobsson



We would implement a chatbot for Erb and Culture using Messenger.

1. Streamline the Guest list and VIP Bookings

2. Automate the guest list process

3. Automate conversations with guests

4. Increase the number of guest for each night

5. Increase VIP table bookings

6. Collect data for future marketing activities


Guest enter the chatbot –

Inside the chatbot the guest will enter his or her information such as email, phone number, how many guests that are coming, and what day they are planning to come to the club.

Information is sent to club –

The Club is getting all the information about the guest into a spreadsheet that simply can be exported to the staff at the door for the upcoming night.

All automated –

Guest arrives to the door and have in an ease signed up to the list for the specific night. Data can be used for marketing purposes.

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