Messenger Chatbot Case Study

This is the story of how we helped SOHO Solutions Inc with conversational marketing.

IT Outsourcing

SOHO help small and medium enterprises transform their IT from a roadblock to strategic advantage.


SOHO needed a way to generate qualified leads via Messenger to make their lead generation process much more efficient.

They wanted a fully automated process where the lead already had been qualified via a set of questions before the first human contact was initiated.

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Hannes Jacobsson



We would implement a chatbot for SOHO by using Messenger.


We deveoped a chatbot using two funnels – One for hiring managers and one for candidates (employee/consultant).

This allowed SOHO Solutions to receive inquiries into their mailbox all automated.

When potential clients engaged with the chatbot and answered all the questions, a mail was sent to the company’s mailbox.

SOHO are now collecting all important information they need before having the first call. This helps SOHO save a lot of valuable time which helps them to save a lot of money in both short and long term.

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