Lead Gen Chatbot for Solar Panel Agency

The Business

A solar panel agency based in New York helping Spanish speaking homeowners instal solar panels in their homes.


The agency wanted more leads in an easy and cost-efficient way.


Previous campaigns had not generated good results, and the business had a problem with getting qualified leads that would schedule an appointment and eventually become real customers.


We used conversational marketing via Facebook Messenger to generate leads from Facebook ads. In the chatbot, we asked them a few questions to qualify them and get them to schedule an appointment, all automated. The chatbot was connected with Calendly via Manychat, and also to their CRM in Hubspot.


The agency enjoyed a streamlined process of leads and bookings without any time invested. Now they were able to travel around New York and offer their products to Spanish speaking homeowners that needed their help without spending too much time qualifying the leads or having time-consuming phone calls.

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