Instagram Management for Ayahuasca Retreat

In a modernist building from 1913, Avalon.love holds a sacred space where you can experience the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca. This is the story of how we helped Avalon.love get a fully booked retreat. 

The Business

Avalon.love is a 5-star Barcelona based transformational retreat with Ayahuasca ceremonies and a holistic integration program.


The Ayahuasca retreat wanted bigger exposure online and get closer to their audience by starting to post frequently and grow their Instagram profile.


The retreat did not know what to post so it would engage and entertain its audience and maximize the results. 


We created a smart Instagram strategy that not only engaged the audience but was also meant to convert customers. The Instagram account was being used as a funnel and we strategically scheduled content and stories to get more clients to the retreats. One example of this was how we used Instagram stories and highlights. We were using Facebook ads and other sources of traffic to lead people to the website and knew that after someone checked out the website they would have a look on Instagram. Therefore, we understood what information a potential customer needed to see and in order to make the Instagram page as efficient as possible. We also inserted specific information and images in the feed posts so more people would sign up for the retreats. We were also doing a lot of engagement with people in the same niche t drive a lot of attention and traffic to the page.


Avalon eventually grew to +1,500 followers and had great results from the Instagram account performance. Every user was high quality and they eventually made €300,000 the first year. The full case study for this client can be found here: https://hannesmedia.com/0-to-300000-in-10-months-for-ayahuasca-retreat-center

Do you want results like this?