How I Got Ranked #1 On SEO for 13 Top Ayahuasca Retreat Keywords


Keywords ranked #1: 13

Time: 4 Months

Business: Ayahuasca Retreat Center


In a modernist building from 1913, Avalon.love holds a sacred space where you can experience the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca. This is the story of how we helped Avalon.love get a fully booked retreat. 

The Business

Spiritual retreat center located outside Barcelona offering ayahuasca ceremonies in a beautiful setting and location.


The retreat center wanted to get visitors to their retreats and needed to be highly ranked in Google and other search engines. There are many retreats available, and the customer journey for ayahuasca is very unique. It’s a choice and decision that comes from one’s soul, and cannot be forced. Therefore, using SEO was necessary to attract people who already had an intent of discovering the sacred plant of ayahuasca.


The brand had a bad website and no SEO work done at all. They had multiple retreats coming up and needed to find a way to attract people via SEO.


I create an SEO strategy for the brand that would make them highly visible in search results and convert visitors to customers. 

We did both on page SEO and off page SEO. We combined between technical SEO and Creative, in terms of blog posts and unique landing pages.

We created a blog strategy with 20 blogs that people were searching for. We also created unique landing pages for terms that people were searching for which allowed us to get a lot of traffic for unique terms to specific pages, that solved the users problem and later on converted them to paying customers. 

We used blog posts, landing pages, Pinterest, technical SEO, Back-linking, and much more to generate the results we made. 

In total we accomplished to be ranked #1 on 13 keywords, the best was “Ayahuasca retreat”. We improved the traffic from less than 100 per month to 4000 per month.

The full case study for this Ayahuasca retreat and all marketing efforts we used can be found here: https://hannesmedia.com/0-to-300000-in-10-months-for-ayahuasca-retreat-center


Keywords ranked #1: 13

Increase organic visitors: <100 – +4000

Time: 4 months

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