Fully Booked Ayahuasca Retreat

In a a modernist building from 1913, Avalon.love holding a sacred space were you can experience the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca. This is the story of how we helped Avalon.love get a fully booked retreat.

Ayahuasca Retreat in Spain

Avalon.love is a 5-star Barcelona based transformational retreat with Ayahuasca ceremonies and a holistic integration program.


Avalon.love needed customers quickly for their upcoming ayahuasca retreat with a high ROI.


We started working with Avalon.love in the beginning of December. At that time, It was 50 days until the premiere of its retreat.


As marketers, we’re used to businesses relying on us for its survival and existance. We are the driving force of customers.

Reason #1 for success or failure in any all marketing activities is how well you know your customers.

Ayahuasca retreats are no exception. To promote an ayahuasca retreat successfully you must have a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry, not only about customers, but about the sacred plant itself and everything related such as consiousness, energy, vibration/frequency, shamanism etc.

Customer journey - Part 1

The customer journey and sales process for ayahuasca retreats are complex by nature.

For someone to make a decision to join an ayahuasca retreat you need to consider multiple factors. We have the ordinary ones such as desire, money and time. What also needs to be considered is the state of mind and willingness to go through this life-changing journey.

This can only come from within and does not happen overnight.

The horizontal axis tells us how knowledgeble the person is with ayahuasca. Understanding of the plant and its benefits (and potential risk) is the first step before considering doing ayahuasca.

The Y axis, which is the vertical one, tells us the main reason for doing ayahuasca. Is it because of trauma, depression, anxiety and fear? Or is it to expand consiousness and the level of awareness?

Normally there are more than one reason for doing ayahuasca. However, it’s important to have a general understanding of what the potential customers looking to accomplish to customize our message in the best way possible.

It wouldn’t make sense to use wording such as “Cure depression and anxiety” for someone who is looking to reach a higher level of consiousness and explore deeper meanings of life.

The moment you make yourself visable for potential customer online, is the moment when the journey to your ayahuasca retreat starts. It’s not only your greatest chance, it’s your obligation to be the support your potential customers through the whole journey if you’re serious about what you’re doing.

Hannes Jacobsson


Customer journey - Part 2

When we have understood the customer and the journey he or she goes through, it’s time to make it personal. Let’s not give away all the power to Gaia.com, YouTube, and other sources of information. It’s the ayahuasca retrat itself who should be the North Star on the customer journey.

Since you already know what your customer want and how familliar they are with ayahuasca, it’s very easy to give them the exact right content to move them closer to book your retreat one step at the time.

I invite you to use these 2 graphs as the North Star for all of your marketing activites when promoting your retreat.

This “Box” as you can see in the image above, symbolises the perception of trust, help, and love your retreat is giving to the customer. It’s quite simple… you have to fill this with as much genuine and valuable content in your communication as possible.

Again, it has to relate to each user. Therefore, make it personal and customize the message.

Each person has its own reason for doing ayahuasca so you can’t change or convince about that (neither you should!)

Each person also have different information about ayahuasca, which means you have to be personal and smart with the information you provide.

As every individual go through this journey within their own souls, you will as retreat be the support through this journey.

Fill this box with love, help and trust. The more you “fill this box” during your potential customers decision making process, the more likely they are to select you when the time comes and they are ready to book ayahuasca retreat.

It’s not about selling. It’s about being there for your customers and show them you care.

You do this with conversational marketing.

Hannes Media mission is to build the bridge between you and your customer, so you can focus on making the world a better place. It’s time to let your customer be the hero of your story.

Hannes Jacobsson



We used conversational marketing via Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram to do exactly what has been described above. It was a fully automated process customized for each person.


Inside Messenger we could automate customer support and answer questions automatically to save time & money


In a fun and unique way, we designed a messenger chatbot to generate qualified and segmented leads on autopilot.


By setting up automations, we could automate and make the customer journey 100% personal based on each user.


When the time is right, the lead is nurtured, and ready to make a decision, we were there for them.

The Results

We achived a fully booked retreat within one months time using this conversational marketing approach. We went from 12 participants to 30 with an investment in ads less than €1,400 (Cost per retreat €1,500 for full experience). ROAS 19.2
Do you want results like this?