From 0 to €34K in 30 days when entering the Norwegian market

The Brand

The brand is an E-Commerce store using the dropshipping model, with its origin in Finland. They are offering trendy unique products in stores all over Scandinavia. With its unique styling, no one can resist its trendy features in fashion.

The Problem

This fashion business had struggled to expand their business in new countries and enter new markets profitable. This is due to the rising competition among fashion businesses. The necessity to establish a stronger brand in the market is the sole way for this business to scale up. And so, this fashion business needs help in entering the Norwegian market using Facebook and Instagram ads.The goal was to scale up the business to a monthly revenue of €20,000.00 per month with a cost Per Purchase less than €20.00, and a ROAS +2.5. By using creative contents as materials for facebook and instagram ads, the goal is just a step away.

The Solution

By establishing the correct framework of Facebook Ads structure, we were able to quickly test and scale the advertising campaigns. We used a process of quick testing and scaling at the same time, which allow us to test multiple variables simultaneously as we scaled winning ads, ad sets, and campaigns.We developed new ad creatives and used methods to get high attention from the user in the feed on Instagram and Facebook, and eventually get them to click on the ad.

By showing a different ad with a different message to people who already were familiarized with the brand and already engaged with the ad or the website, we were able to make a highly personalized Facebook ads funnel that generated a lot of sales quickly with great profit margins.

The Results

In 30 days only, we managed to scale up the sales to €34,766.99 and keep the cost per purchase at €14.62 with a ROAS of 3.52. This is intensified by attractive ads which entices the customers to look into the unique and trendy styles of clothes the business is offering. Thanks to the creative minds behind the Facebook and Instagram Ads, now the business is just an inch away from establishing its stronger identity in the market!