Facebook Ads Case Study

This is the story of how we helped LA based E-Commerce store Velvet Lamb get a ROAS of 6.03 using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

"We Make Conscious Clothing"

Sustainably and responsibly made in Los Angeles in small batches, Velvet Lamb is a brand creating conscious clothing.

Their clothing inspires creativity and generates awareness.


Velvet Lamb needed help with Facebook and Instagram ads during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep its business alive.
Hannes Media mission is to build the bridge between you and your customer, so you can focus on making the world a better place. It’s time to let your customer be the hero of your story.

Hannes Jacobsson



In 30 days only, we managed to scale up the sales to $17,127.30 and keep the cost per purchase at $5.67 with a ROAS of 6.03.
10 $
Profit in 30 days
10 $
Cost per purchase
1 $
Amount spent (30 days)
1 $
Revenue (30 days)

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