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What is conscious marketing?

Conscious marketing is marketing done for the betterment of the mind, body, and soul. It is an approach where we create marketing from our highest selves.


Conscious marketing increases sales. 

Conscious marketing creates growth. 

Conscious marketing done right makes brands flourish so they can create a positive impact in the world.


Consciousness is a noun, conscious marketing is a verb. There is a distinction between the two, and we’re creating a vehicle that has a conscious approach. This means that we are not taking consciousness into our business. Consciousness is already here, it’s all around us – everywhere. The question is; How aware can we become of receiving it? 


By doing conscious marketing we simply add a touch of awareness into what we do. A touch of awareness to act from our higher selves where we don’t act from a place of ego & greed, but a place of humility and generosity. We start operating from a place of higher alignment with the universe, mother earth, and ourselves. 


Conscious marketing has 2 sides to it. 

  1. The business that sells the product or service
  2. The marketing that are being used to promote the product or service

For # 1 an evaluation of the business that are representing what is being sold has to be made:

  • Will the product or service benefit the consumer in mind, body, or spirit?
  • Is the product or service and business itself safe and beneficial for mother earth and the creatures living there?
  • Is the communication made with 100% truth, honesty, and transparency?

A conscious marketing approach doesn’t have any fixed answers. There is not a single truth. It’s a process of continuous discovery and questioning what we do and create. It will be up to each individual to make their own judgement on how they perceive their truth, so what we can do is to spread awareness to raise the questions. The more questioning and the more criticism that is being born the better! We are shifting and entering into a new era of humankind.


# 2 will be dependent on how the marketing is being done. Our internal approach (Hannes Media) is to execute conscious marketing by following the 6 C’s of Conscious marketing, which are:

  • Calm
  • Clear
  • Clean
  • Creative
  • Conscious
  • Conversational

Calm: Communication evokes emotion, and by being calm we aim to not create any anxiety, stress, or fear into the customers. We respect all the souls walking on this planet and will not make use of anyone’s lack of understanding for themselves that manipulates them to buy. Persuasion can be made, but in a gentle and compassionate way that doesn’t leave the customer with a feeling of seeing themselves as less than they truly are or a sense of fulfillment if they do, or not do consuming the product. We include call to actions, being careful about scarcity if it is not needed. 


Clear: We aim to make clear about what the marketing is offering. A company like coca-cola is promoting bottles as a key to happiness, while they are a plastic production company that infuses their bottles with addictive liquids that are harmful for both the environment and human beings. This is misleading and manipulative, and not clear. We are clear in our communication.


Clean: We give decision power to the customer, and we do not try to make it for them. Not putting groups against each other. Not making someone or something being perceived as better or less than the other. Avoid judgements and presumptions. Avoid painting negative scenarios of fear that may happen if the customer does not take action (ultimatum). We have pure intentions that are honest and done for the betterment of humanity. We give customers full control over their decision and trust that they are able to make a carefully considered decision on their own – from their own higher selv. 


Creative: We attract attention, we do not steal it. We want to awaken the receiver of the message and make them conscious when engaging with the marketing material. We do not try to scream the loudest, but sharpen our way of communicating to the extent that it will attract the attention, not stealing it. We aim to implement an artistic approach into our communication, instead of a pure manipulative psychological approach.


Conscious: We can look at lists, guidelines, checklists as long as we want… but in the end it comes to one important thing: Be conscious about what is being done. To not lock ourselves into a corner, as long as we’re conscious and act consciously, marketing can be done with a sense of freedom while it is being done from our higher selves. It’s when we go beyond our minds, and step into a higher dimension combined with an understanding of the fundamental truths of our reality. From this place we can escape doctrines and beliefs, and act from a place of pure and true love.

Conversational: Giving the customer the ability to engage with the brand creates a sense of trust, truthfulness, and transparency. It makes the brand come alive and show that you truly care about how you can help your customers. It makes the marketing personalised, and this will make you able to truly understand what your customers are looking for and want, and based on this you can help them in a personalized way. Conversational marketing is when you include the customer in the marketing by having 1-1 conversations, possibly at large scale.

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