Chatbot for Swedish E-Commerce Store

The Business

E-Commerce store with the dropshipping model offering trendy products via their Shopify store.


The dropshipping store wanted higher conversion and increase ROAS from their advertising campaigns.


Facebook ads are becoming more and more expensive, and the store wanted to increase the profit margins from their advertising campaigns.


Hannes built a chatbot funnel that would be used together with Facebook ads. It was built in the following way:

Step 1: A quiz to attract the users about a specific theme and product, that would, later on, lead to a sale. Using quizzes with Facebook ads is highly efficient and one of the best ways to drive traffic from the platform.

Step 2: Continue to nurture the lead with valuable and engaging content sent via the chatbot. 90% open rates on the follow-up messages, and 35% click-through rate. 

Step 3: By using scarcity tactics and limited-time discounts we were able to get the user to take action and purchase the products when our 5 steps (5 chatbot flows) was being sent.

This is the quiz that the user was playing with in the chatbot. Screenshot from Manychat.
Follow up message 1
Follow up message 2
Follow up message 3
Follow up message 4

The Results

The user opted in via the quiz, which has a super low cost per lead (less than $0.5 for this client when we ran ads). After that, we were able to engage them and send multiple messages to the lead in our follow up. During this, we achieved 90% open rates and a 35% click-through rate which is very high compared to email. This is also a great way to build trust with the prospects in a different way than sending them directly to the website. 

Do you want results like this?