Chatbot for Muay Thai Boxing Club

The Business

Local business based in Barcelona. A Muay Thai boxing club offering boxing classes with a mindful and spiritual touch to help people feel better about themselves. 


The Muay Thai boxing club needed more clients for their trainings.


The owner of the club had little success with marketing previously, and need help to generate clients at a low cost. They had a website available, but no clear funnel that would make the campaign cost efficient and make use of every single penny.


Hannes built a chatbot funnel that would attract interest, nurture the prospects, and later on convert them to sign up for a boxing class.

This was done in an all automated way, and the user could schedule their own sessions, learn more about the boxing club, and also connect with the people in the club if they wanted to. 


The same goes for the owner, who now had the option to connect with the leads in an easy way through chat and offer his services.

Screenshot of the chatbot flow each user was inserted to.

The Results

The chatbot was fully automated and allowed the club to streamline the lead generation process and generate clients with ease.

It allowed the club to run ads on Facebook and drive them to a highly efficient funnel that was automated but also allowed for human interaction. 

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