1.5 Billion Impressions on Facebook Ads for an Online Business School in Latin America


The online business school was looking for a reliable partner who could support them in generating quality leads with people interested in attending their courses and programs. The school wanted to target Spanish-speaking audiences mainly based in Latin America. The previous agencies they worked with failed to deliver high-quality campaign strategies, frequent image creation of high quality, ad account management, or writing ad copies in Spanish.


The Hannes Media team leveraged Facebook’s algorithm and continuously adapted to the changing landscape of the platform. They combined technical knowledge of the platforms with continuous learning to improve the quality of ads produced. Hannes Media produced over 1,000 pieces of ad content with different approaches, angles, text, colors, design, niches, and more. The continuous production of new ad content helped sustain great results over a long period of time, despite the evolving macro landscape.


The strategy applied to achieve 1.5 billion impressions evolved over time and continuously shifted. Every month presented new challenges and opportunities that had to be solved. Despite factors such as Covid, changes in iOS updates, lack of quality in the audience, or increased CPM, Hannes Media remained adjustable. They succeeded through continuous improvement and smart minds that worked on the project to solve any problem and continuously make the campaign perform over time.


Over a period of 3 years, the Hannes Media team spent USD $1,030,942.11 on the ads, had 1,576,356,718 impressions, and generated 5,154,710 leads at an average cost per lead of $0.20.


The Hannes Media team achieved exceptional results for the online business school, generating 1.5 billion impressions on Facebook ads. The strategy of continuous improvement, smart problem-solving, and adaptability enabled them to achieve great success over a long period of time. Our teams dedication and expertise in Facebook advertising make them a reliable partner for businesses with big visions and goals.

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