€1,114,769 in sales & 7.5 ROAS for high-Ticket e-commerce store

Read below about the tracking issues and how sales are calculated

The Business

Swedish e-commerce store selling higher priced items between €400 – €899.


The business had been working with marketing agencies in the past that hadn’t delivered results. In a matter of fact, they had been working with an agency that was nominated to “the best marketing agency in Sweden” without any success. Previous agency had spent 10’s of thousands in ads with very little results and terrible. Ever heard an agency saying “the results with improve over time”? We’ve heard business owners sharing these horror stories over and over again and how they are being completely burnt and fooled by these statements.  Luckily, we are able to help!


Since the product is at a higher price point, we had to think strategically on our campaign structure and funnel. The customer journey would be slightly longer than on lower priced items, so we planned accordingly.

When we had designed the funnel structure and campaign strategy, we started to outline the different messages we wanted to share on each step of the funnel. We had to share different benefits of the products together with certain problems that the customers were experiencing to build trust and show the value of the product.

We wrote ad copies, designed images, and also created videos. We made a lot of testing with different marketing angels to see what worked best, and then we continued improving on that.

Another thing that we did was to produce content marketing in form of blog post and articles that were both entertaining and educational for the audience, were we showed the benefits of the products. This was a great way to sell without selling and also disarm the customer.

After a while Hannes also did photoshoots and recorded video for the brand, and the results from this marketing material was great and they performed extremely well.


The store went from having less than €3,500 (35,000 SEK) in sales in June to explode and over the next months reaching above an average of +€300,000 in sales with high ROAS. Our approach was sales focused and we wanted to produce real results. Results that mattered. The brand enjoyed exponential growth and could quickly expand on all areas of their business. It allowed them to add more budget on Facebook, but also on magazines, TV and more.

Determining the exact sales is difficult. Especially with the new privacy rules where not everything is being measured and tracked correctly. Our tests showed that almost one third (!) of the sales were actually shown inside the ad account. This meant that the exact numbers were almost twice or three times as high than what’s being shown inside the ad account. This is due to tracking difficulties, but also because many customers called the business before buying or the time of purchase was lengthy (more than 7 days which is the attribution window on Facebook), Our approximate results are as followed:

Sales: €1,114,769

Amount spent: €147,871

Profit: 966,898

ROAS: 7.5

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