5-Day Video Challenge for Relationship Coach

The Business

A relationship coach helps women and couples improve themselves and their relationships to live their best life. The main client is a forward-focused and career-driven professional living in a globally mobile environment and seeking the most out of life.


The coach needed to streamline and automate the process of generating clients.


It can be hard to generate high quality leads as a relationship coach. Most of the time the leads generated are people who are simply curious and interested, but not willing to take action.

There’s also a problem with the time spent on communicating with potential clients via Zoom since the coach needs to assure they are really interested and resonate with his approach.



The key would be to build connection with the audience quickly and take them through a journey that would qualify them as potential clients that are ready for change and resonates with the coach way of mentoring, or simply disqualify the leads and take them out of the funnel if they are not action takers or resonate with the solution the coach offers.


To do this we built a gamified funnel using a chatbot. This way we would build a personal and genuine connection with the leads quickly and have a great way of communicating in a fun, engaging, and cost-efficient way.

The funnel was built in the following way:

  1. Start with an ad on Facebook ads to generate leads. here we designed the strategy in full, designed creatives and wrote ad copies + created the strategy.
  2. Drive the people to the chatbot and get them to sign up for the challenge. At this stage, we also generate email leads.
  3. Over the next 5 days, we send out a video each day with a new lesson that the participant had to watch. 
  4. After 5 days we invited them to a call on Zoom. At this stage, we had built a strong connection between the audience and the coach and prepared them to actually take action if they decided to get on a call.

This funnel creates a personal interaction that is both playful and fun, but at the same time valuable and entertaining. This type of funnel can be implemented in every possible niche that exists. The key is to provide value and solve a problem that customers are experiencing. 







This type of funnel delivered great results, and we had over 70% sign up rate from the people who clicked on the ad on Facebook and registered themselves for the challenge. Each video generated around 50% engagement of the messages we sent, which is very high results compared to doing this funnel in email for example. Using a chatbot personalizes the whole conversation and makes it fun. Customers love it and the businesses, in this case, the coach, get a great medium to communicate with his clients both automated and manually. The funnel is set up and will continue to nurture people before they schedule a call with the coach as long as he desires to onboard new clients. He can also edit the last step to invite them to a course or similar. The key is to nurture and solve a problem through the funnel and then offer something valuable Simple as that 🙂

Do you want results like this?