16K Leads For Crypto Course

The Business

Crypto education platform that teaches how to invest and trade in Bitcoin and Altcoins.


The business had just launched their new course on how to trade with cryptocurrencies and needed to generate leads of people interesting in registering.



To build an email list of people who were actually interested in becoming paying customers and could become the foundational customer base of the business.


We used two variants of Facebook ads to generate leads, on Facebook’s platform and on a landing page. We did a close evaluation of all metrics continuously to understand what funnel gave the best results. We also tested multiple ad images and approaches, ad copies, and audiences. This gave us great data to work with and optimize the campaign to the maximum. As always with Hannes Media, lots of testing in the beginning with multiple ad creatives and take decision from there is the key to success.


The campaign had to be turned off after a few months due to an overwhelmed business that could not accept more participants at the moment since their courses include live classes with a limited number of participants. They also had a Facebook group that quickly grew from 0 to over 20k members thanks to our campaign. In total, we spend €4,485.68 and generated 16,644 leads at an average cost of €0.27 per lead.

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