94% Lower Cost Per App Install For Meditation & Mindfulness App

The Business

Wundermind is a Meditation App that helps people live a more mindful life. They have a big collection of videos and practices in their mobile app and offering free and paid versions. 


The App needed more downloads and users to be able to expand their business. 


The App had been doing Facebook ads previously but had bad results and high costs. They needed to lower the cost per App install to have a sustainable way of generating new people to their app.


Hannes and the team approached the project in a creative way and focus heavily on great content. We designed multiple images and videos to attract new users. We focused on a variety of areas to understand what type of content people resonated with the most. Examples of this was content focused on Yoga, Sleep, relaxation, business and similar to attract people in different areas. We also created harmonious videos that worked amazingly well and gave the user a “feel good” feeling when watching it. 


We were able to lower the cost per App install from $99.38 to $4.68 which is a 94.69% decrease in Cost per app install.

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