73,000 Leads and 21% Lowered Cost for a Book Publisher

The Business

Book publisher selling history and mythology books on Amazon.


The publisher needed to generate more leads into their funnel via Facebook Ads.


The business needed to lower the average cost per lead to increase the overall profit. Their ads were not performing well. They needed help with full Facebook ads management which also included the creation of images and content.


We created images with a deep story related to the brand which attracted customers even better than before. We also tested many new audiences and did smart optimization settings which allowed the results to improve greatly in a fast time period.


We lowered the average cost per lead by 21%, from 9.2 SEK to 7.2 SEK. This was done during drastic changes on Facebook with IOS updates which makes these results even better due to harder circumstances. In total we spend 514,517 SEK (50K USD) and generated 64,314 Leads.

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