+5 Million Leads For Online Business School in Latin America

The Business

An online business school offering courses and programs in a variety of areas, such as Marketing, Sales, Crypto investment, web design, and much more! Their market is Spanish speaking and mainly based in Latin America.


The business school wanted to generate quality leads with people who would be interested in attending the courses and programs. The prospects needed to be serious in their intention and dedicated to progress themselves with the help of the platform the school is offering.


The business school needed a reliable partner who could support them through their growth over a long period of time. They had worked with a few agencies in the past, but none were good enough to deliver a high-quality service of campaign strategy, frequent image creation of high quality, ad account management, or writing ad copies in Spanish. 


Facebook’s algorithm is continuously updating and it is important to adapt to the changing on an ongoing basis. This is especially important for being a reliable partner over a longer period of time for businesses with big visions and goals. 

At Hannes Media, we’re combining technical knowledge of the platforms and continuously learning more about how to improve the quality of the ads we’re producing. That’s why we were able to sustain great results over a long period of time no matter what changes took place in the macro.

One of the keys to the success of this collaboration was the ongoing production of new ad content with different approaches, angels, text, colours, design, niches and more. We have had over 1,5 billion impressions in our ads and produced over 1,000 pieces of content. 

Even if we’d like to take you in-depth into the strategy that was being applied, going too deep into the exact approach for the success of this project is not possible. The strategy has evolved over time and continuously shifted. Every month is presented with new challenges and opportunities that have to be solved. No matter if it’s Covid, change in IOS updates, lack of quality in the audience, or increased CPM, we had to be adjustable. Why we succeeded was because of continuous improvement and smart minds who were working on the project that solved any problem and continuously made the campaign perform over time.

Being proactive and have trust in both parties is the way for great success in a client/Agency relationship.


We spend USD $1,030,942.11 on the ads, had 1,576356,718 impressions, and generated 5,154,710 leads at an average cost per lead of $0.20 over the course of 3 years.

Do you want results like this?