5-day Video Challenge in Messenger Chatbot For 5x TedX speaker

The Brand

Recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers in North America, 5x TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and a social media influencer with over half a million followers.


This coach needed clients to his coaching program, where he teaches people how to build a strong personal brand.


The coach had done advertising to a webinar but didn’t see the desired results or were profitable. He needed a new approach to generate leads and find a way to convert them.


Hannes built a chatbot funnel that would attract interest, nurture the prospects, and later on convert them to book a call with the coach where he would offer his services. 

The chatbot was created in Facebook Messenger. We built a 5-Day video challenge that worked in the following way:

  1. Welcome users to the chatbot and introduce them to the challenge. At this stage, we collect necessary information such as name, email, and phone number. This way would allow us to reach out to the prospect in multiple ways if needed, and not be dependent on a single platform. 
  2. Every day a new video was being sent that were teaching the user how to create a strong personal brand.  In addition to the video, conversations were being held in Messenger where we asked questions and interacted with the user to build a strong connection, all automated. After the user watched the video we sent an additional PDF to their email to support them even more on the journey to learn about personal branding. We also asked questions after each video/lesson to confirm that they understood the teachings and got value from them. Every day we set up an automated workflow of the funnel, which means that we either sent it to messenger, email or SMS depending on preference. 
  3. At the end of the 5-day challenge, we invited the user to a webinar as a final workshop to implement everything they’ve learned so far. During this webinar, the coach would invite them to book a call with him to learn more about how they could work together 1 and 1.
  4. When the webinar was finished, we sent an additional notification to messenger with an invitation and link to schedule a call. When the user scheduled a call they would receive a confirmation in Messenger. On the day of the call, a reminder and link to the call would be sent in Messenger as well.
  5. The messenger flow was connected and integrated with Facebook Business Manager, Active Campaign, and Calendly using Zapier. 
Flow showing the mini interview that the user is going through to answer questions that allow us to customize the chatgbot experience.
Flow showing how the user sbscribe to the chatbot and inserts email and phone number which allows us to create an omnichannel experience.
Flow showing the mini interview that the user is going through to answer questions that allow us to customize the chatgbot experience.
Flow showing how the chatbot works as a funnel. Each step the user goes through leads to the next, and make them ready to schedule a call with the coach at the end of the chatbot journey.
Example of how one of the flow to a lesson can look like. In total we had 5 lessons over the course of 5 days.
At the end of the journey we invited the user to a webinar, and later on to schedule a call.

The Results

The chatbot was fully automated and allowed the coach to streamline the lead generation process, but also nurture and engage the leads before they booked a call with ease. It saved the coach a lot of time handmade his focus on what he does best, coach and help people! 

Each day got around 80% click-through rate to the video, and after the funnel, the leads were fully nurtured and ready to make a decision to work with the coach or not when they got on the call.

Do you want results like this?