We Took an Ayahuasca Retreat Center From €0 to €300,000 In 10 Months





A 5-star alternative holistic health retreat center based in Barcelona. It offers a wide range of services, but its core focus is Ayahuasca ceremonies.




Marketing expenses



30,3 = 3030%



The Problem

As with most spiritual centers and retreats, acquiring customers is one of the hardest parts to make the business run successfully. When I started to work with the center, they had a non-functional website and no strategy at all to generate bookings. I needed to build a 360 marketing strategy and sales funnel from zero to make the retreat successful.

The Solution

Create awareness and interest

Generate leads and nurture the audience

Get calls and paid bookings

We used a variety of channels to sync it all together, but what’s unique with this approach is the common denominator we implemented; get the potential customer to the chatbot funnel and let the chatbot do the magic – all automated!

A chatbot funnel allows the potential customer to experience the brand at his/her own pace. The customer journey becomes highly personalized and more friendly than traditional advertising and marketing methods. Life becomes easier for both the customer and the business owner with a digital consciousness that brings energy to any business and makes the life of the business owner much more fun!

The Recipe

360 Marketing Strategy

  • Built the website (including booking system for the retreats)
  • Manage and grow Instagram account
  • Manage and grow Facebook Page
  • Manage and grow other social media accounts (Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube)
  • SEO (Ranked 1st on Top Keywords)
  • Systems, processes, and guidelines for sales team (for booked calls)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Ads

In short – me and my team did everything in terms of digital marketing and communications. From creating a strategy to understanding the customer journey, generating awareness to build a website with a booking system. Collecting leads to convert them into paying customers. This was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever done. I was able to passionately take full ownership of every part of the marketing which led to exponential growth very quickly.

The Results

Total revenue during 2020 was €300,000.

All retreats were fully booked with a long waiting list.

We spent €2,900 on paid ads in total during the year which were all traffic to the chatbot.

Revenue: €300,000
ROI: 30,3 = 3030%

Profit: €297,100

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