$0.12 per lead, 91.6% Open Rate, 31.1% Click-Through Rate with Messenger Chatbot

This is the story of how we helped the e-commerce store Drippy.Amsterdam get started with conversational marketing using Messenger chatbot.

"Came through drippin'"

International brand DRIPPY is created in Amsterdam, and identified by its urban, minimalistic, modern, classy appearance.

With their motto “Dare to drip”, they make handcrafted urban jewelry available for everybody while aspiring people to show their inner shine with trendy, high quality urban jewelry.


DRIPPY needed a new way of communicating with its customers and break through the noise on social media!
Hannes Media mission is to build the bridge between you and your customer, so you can focus on making the world a better place. It’s time to let your customer be the hero of your story.

Hannes Jacobsson



We would implement conversational marketing to this e-commerce store by using Messenger Chatbots.


A chatbot on Messenger could automate customer support and answer questions automatically to save time & money.


In a fun and most importantly unique way, we would design the messenger chatbot to generate leads on autopilot.


By setting up automations, the e-commerce store would be able to reach out to their customers with personalized messages.


DRIPPY implemented a fullly automated customer support assistant, a lead generation tool, a marketing automation system, and a non-paid sales machine.

The Results

In the following section we will give you a brief overview of the results this new conversational method achieved.


A chatbot is an automation service, and NOT a single campaign. It will continue producing results as long as it’s active new users (or even old ones) engage with it. This chatbot will be active for Drippy for years to come since it is fully automated.

Lead gen

Low cost

Our unique approach gives you top 1% results.

From all campaigns between Dec 1 - Jan 31 we achieved 6625 leads with an average price of $0.12 (USD) per lead.

Wake up the subconscious

Campaigns like this are out of the ordinary. Your customer are "waking up" and become interested.

When you get the subscriber, you can do what you want in the follow up messages to strengthen your brand.

Power in the numbers

Unlike anything else that exists

Each new subscriber are inserted into an automation of messages. In the example above, the automation contained 5 messages (we added 2 bonus flows at the third automation)

Why 3 different automations?

You would probably not set up your business and never touch it again, right? It’s not until you start getting subscribers and people engage with the chatbot that we know what works the best.

3 months iteration…

At Hannes Media we have a 3 month iteration process, were we will improve each message to better your numbers. As you can see in the example above, it was a significant improvement.

Open rate = 91.6%

Click-Through Rate = 31.1

10 $
Cost per lead
Messages (+ lead gen flow)
1 %
Open rate
1 %
Click-Through Rate

Chatbot features



Collect email and insert into your email sequence. Get phone numbers for SMS marketing. It's connected with your CMS and automated.


Provide value to your prospects and help them find you on social media to increase your follower base and build your brand.


Make the prospect the hero of your business and give them suggestions on products based on what they like.

Do you want results like this?